SJ Waterproofing supports the construction industry by providing high-quality residential waterproofing services throughout the Auckland region.

We specialise in external waterproofing and preventing water seeping into new homes – through the foundations, walls or roof. When you team-up with us, you get to protect your hard work and the integrity of the build. The result – your clients will have the comfort and reassurance of a structurally sound, attractive, dry, and mould-free home.


With this service, the quality of the material and workmanship is crucial. Once concealed, it’s extremely difficult to repair later. Our licensed and experienced installers will tell you which solution is best. It could be to use damp-proof membranes in well-drained sites or fully tank all areas below ground in another solution based on the extent of hydrostatic pressure present.

We work closely with architects and builders in the early stage of client builds. For example, before the concrete foundations have been poured or after the block work has been done. Our waterproofing materials normally end up under a lot of building material, so it’s got to be done right the first time or it becomes a massive headache to correct later.


Our range of tough products can also be used to waterproof low-slope roofs, balconies, terraces and internal gutters on roofs.

At SJ Waterproofing, we carefully select and apply your product. Our choice of product varies depending on the type of deck or roof.

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